Trucking in Thailand

Whether it is for domestic and international cargo, Siam Shipping offers you flexible road transport services. Indeed, between Thailand, China, Malaysia and Cambodia we have created cross-border trucking services with the aim of :

Utilize cross boarder trucks and connect to air or ocean service mode in Bangkok to transport all goods to ASEAN. This is called MTO (Multimodel Transport Operation), an integrated transport service via land, air and sea.

This provides an efficient and cost effective way of transport for customers and partners. To answer the requirements of our customers we sometimes outsource. Same in case we need more transport vehicles. There is no delay when transportation is a must.


International road freight and Domestic road freight

Domestic Trucking Services in Thailand

Siam Shipping seeks to provide the best trucking services for your business and we give ourselves the means. For shorter and cheaper lead times to help our customers manage the offer. A service that will accompany you 24h / 24h every day of the week. While providing you with a domestic trucking service tailored to your specific logistical and budgetary needs. No matter the place in the world where you want to deliver your merchandise we can help you. By organizing domestic delivery and local distribution of your products throughout ASEAN.

Here Are Some of the Domestic Shipping Services We Provide:

Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL)

No worries if you do not need a full truck to transport your goods, we can make you enjoy our domestic trucking network. This will reduce your transportation costs. Indeed, we will group your goods with others.

Full Truck Load Shipping (FTL):

An exclusive trucking service through our network is available if you have a full truck of merchandise or equipment to transport. Security and speed will pace this transport so that your goods arrive at their destination without worries.

Manage Small Shipments in Cargo Vans:

We can offer a truck services, this service is the ideal solution for the transport of certain goods. For small shipments across the country, where if you need to carry goods throughout the country in a fast way these pickup trucks seem to be the ideal solution.

Rail & Intermodal Shipping:

Rail can be the solution for carrying your goods across Asia. We also propose intermodal transport, once transported on the loading docks your products are then dispacted by our trucking service.

Reefer Trucks:

You can also choose the temperature at which your merchandise will travel. Indeed, we have refrigerated trucks at adjustable temperature, so that your product is kept below the freezing point with a fresh temperature and a specific humidity level.

Flatbed & Heavy Haul Trucking:

Our cheavy haul trucks are very useful and even essential to carry objects and machines very Heavy and bulky. We offer this service even through Asia with our platform trucks and the assistance of our team of project managers. We have already transported heavy and bulky objects like compressors and coolers from Thailand to all of Asia. So we can carry any type of machinery with our flatbed trucks.

Straight Truck Services:

We can also offer you fast shipping from point A to point B anywhere and anytime.

Why Choose Siam Shipping over Other Freight Forwarders?

Here are the advantages we offer our customers, among many other advantages:

– We offer delivery assistance (interior deliveries, lifting doors and pallets for these special and time-sensitive shipments). Delivery assistance will be provided at the time of final destination, making it easier to unload with pallets or lifting equipment.

– Superior tracking and schedule: we want to give you the fastest and most efficient transport solution while keeping track of our shipments. Keep track of your most precious commodities as they move to their destination with time to spare.

Carrier connections and volume reductions: We have strong relationships with many carriers throughout Asia thanks to our many customers. This allows us to ask for discounts on transport and to benefit the customer, we lower the cost in volume and thus the shipping costs are reduced for the customer

You can find out more by consulting our case studies to better understand all the trucking difficulties we have already encountered. All this has made us grow and we have succeeded in learning how to react under presage to different types of problem, we are now able to think “outside the box”.


International trucking service in ASEAN


Siam Shipping has developed a trucking network throughout the ASEAN region by developing its integrated trucking network that connects major cities. It was one of the first companies to offer this. For raw materials and finished products, we offer customers an airport that combines the flexibility of new routes, visibility, safety, additional capacity and the option of combined land, air and sea transport for raw materials and products finished.

The cross border – an alternative & cheap solution

The most economical solution is road transport, it offers about 40% reductions in relation to air freight, between Vietnam and Cambodia with Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and Thailand. In addition to offering transportation in the area, we offer our customers a truck-airplane solution which can dramatically increase the speed of transportation in Southeast Asia. We also have the latest GPS technology from in-container cameras connected to a command center in Bangkok.

Contact Siam Shipping Services Today

We want to have the most effective working relationship with our customers throughout the transportation process. If you are looking for a complete and cost-effective freight transport solution, for small shipments, bulky and bulky items or heavy machinery, Siam Shipping can transport it as quickly as possible. We are available by phone / Skype / Line / Whatsapp / Mail. You can also fill out the online form. And you can learn more about Siam shipping and understand our secrets that made our reputation.